Why Term Life Insurance is Better than Money Back Plans

why term insurance is better than money back plans fincalc

It is very important to plan for the financial stability of your loved ones and family members in case of untimely demise. When you check the various types of Life Insurance, it includes Term life insurance, ULIPs (Unit Linked Insurance Plan), Traditional Plans and Pension Insurance Plans. Out of all these, Why term life insurance is better than any other money back plans, we will see in this post.

The main reason why term life insurance is better is that – It Provides High Coverage amount and Minimum Premiums to be paid. For example, you can get Rs. 50 Lakh life cover with just Rs. 6000 yearly premium with term life insurance.

Term Life Insurance is the pure life insurance that provides life cover for the insured. In case of sudden death of the bread earner of family, term life insurance will provide sum assured to the family members to help in pending home loan, car loan or any other debt to be repaid, or else can be used for financial stability of you loved ones.

Even though term life insurance does not provide any survival benefit, the extra premiums that might you might have to pay in money back plans, can be invested in mutual funds or stock market on your own to reap better returns while getting high coverage amount with term life insurance.

Below are the advantages and benefits of Term Life Insurance:

Simplicity & Purpose

  • Term life insurance is straightforward and serves single purpose: to provide a lump-sum payout to your loved ones in case of your death during the policy term
  • On the other hand, money back plans are a combination of insurance and savings, often leading to confusion about their primary purpose
  • The complexity of money back plans can make it difficult to understand the actual returns and benefits, which is not the case with term life insurance


  • Term life insurance policies are more affordable than money back plans, since the premiums to be paid in term insurance are low
  • This is mainly because term life insurance focuses only on providing death benefit and doesn’t involve complex investment components
  • Money back plans, on the other hand, include a savings element, which tends to increase the premiums
  • If your goal is to secure a good amount of death benefit without stressing on your finances, term life insurance offers a cost-effective solution
  • For your investments, you can start a SIP in order to grow your money

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Higher Coverage Amounts

  • Term life insurance allows you to select higher coverage amounts at a lower premium cost
  • This is crucial for ensuring that your beneficiaries and loved ones are adequately protected in case of your unfortunate demise
  • Money back plans tend to have lower coverage amounts due to the savings component, which can compromise the financial security of your beneficiaries
  • So Term insurance provides you high coverage amount and low savings, money back plans provide low coverage amount and medium savings. This is why term insurance is called pure form or life insurance

Investment Flexibility

  • One of the important points of money back plans is the savings or investment component they offer
  • This makes us to opt for money back plans since we are getting something out of it in case of survival of the policyholder
  • However, it is important to note that the investment returns from these plans are often modest compared to other investment options available in the market
  • You can invest elsewhere in mutual funds or stocks to get more returns than money back plans

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Term Customization

  • Term life insurance policies offer flexibility in choosing the policy term
  • You can choose any time of period starting from current age for the policy to be active
  • Select term that aligns with your financial conditions, such as your loans or your children’s education
  • This ensures that your loved ones are protected during the most critical years
  • Money back plans generally come with fixed terms and may not offer the same level of customization to suit your specific needs

No Maturity Benefit Concerns

  • Money back plans often come with maturity benefits where you receive periodic payouts during the policy term
  • While this may seem attractive, it’s important to identify that the payout amounts might not match the actual inflation rate or investment returns
  • Term life insurance avoids this concern by providing a clear and fixed death benefit, which is not related to market fluctuations and uncertainties


So these are some of the advantages and benefits of Term Life Insurance. It provides you high coverage amount with lower premiums to be paid. The Death benefit is also not related to market fluctuations.

Money back plans offer low coverage and medium investment returns which can be replaced with Term Insurance and investments in mutual funds or stocks on your own.

You also get the option of return with premium in term insurance, but this also defies the purpose of pure term insurance since it provides you with less coverage amount with little higher premium amount that cannot beat inflation when you get your premium amount back.

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