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NSC Calculator – National Saving Certificate

NSC or National Saving Certificate is one of the popular fixed income scheme in India that is backed by Government of India. Currently the NSC interest rate is 7.7% applicable for April to June 2024 quarter. Use below NSC Calculator to know NSC Interest after 5 years.

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Let us now discuss NSC in more details.

NSC Features and Benefits

  • NSC full form is National Saving Certificates
  • These are the certificates that can be issued in Post Office for a fixed term of 5 years
  • NSC certificates helps you to save income tax under Section 80C, apart from other options like PPF (Public Provident Fund), 5 year fixed deposits, etc.
  • You can claim maximum of Rs. 1.5 lakh in section 80 C to save income tax with Old Tax Regime
  • The current interest in NSC (National Saving Certificate) is 7.7% annually
  • We get yearly compounding for NSC interest calculation. Which means the interest earned for the first year wil be added to our deposits in second year, and we earn more interest on this interest
  • Minimum amount you can invest in NSC is Rs. 1000 and in multiple of 100 after Rs. 1000
  • NSC certificates are physical certificates having the details amount investment amount, interest rate, tenure and maturity amount
  • You can get the maturity amount encashed or transferred in bank account after maturity. Failing to do so will help you earn interest for next 2 years at post office savings account interest rate, post which you will not earn any interest
  • The interest portion of maturity amount in NSC is taxable as per your tax slab rates

NSC Issue Types

There are 2 types of NSC:

  1. 5 Years NSC (VIII Issue) – This NSC is for the fixed period of 5 years. Interest rate is 7.7% for April to June 2024 quarter.
  2. NSC IX Issue – The NSC IX Issue comes with a maturity period of 10 years. This issue has been discontinued since December 2015 and is no longer available

How much I will get in NSC after 5 years?

You can easily use the FinCalC NSC Calculator above to know the interest of your NSC Certificates. Below are the NSC interest on various investments for a period of 5 years at 7.7% annual interest rate:

Deposits (Rs.)Total Interest EarnedMaturity Amount
Rs. 5,000Rs. 2,245Rs. 7,245
Rs. 10,000Rs. 4,490Rs. 14,490
Rs. 15,000Rs. 6,736Rs. 21,736
Rs. 20,000Rs. 8,981Rs. 28,981
Rs. 25,000Rs. 11,226Rs. 36,226
Rs. 30,000Rs. 13,471Rs. 43,471
Rs. 35,000Rs. 15,716Rs. 50,716
Rs. 40,000Rs. 17,961Rs. 57,961
Rs. 45,000Rs. 20,207Rs. 65,207
Rs. 50,000Rs. 22,452Rs. 72,452
Rs. 1,00,000Rs. 44,903Rs. 1,44,903
Rs. 1,50,000Rs. 67,355Rs. 2,17,355
NSC Interest Calculation for 5 Years

As seen above, you get Rs. 67,355 as interest in NSC for deposits of Rs. 1,50,000 after 5 years at 7.7% interest rate. This Rs. 1.5 lakh of deposits will help you to claim deduction under section 80C to save income tax.

The interest of Rs. 67,355 will be added to your income and taxed as per the income tax slab rates based on your income. You can also use the income tax calculator to check your income tax for 2023-24 financial year.

NSC Interest Rate on existing NSC Certificates

We know that interest rate is subjected to change every quarter, but what happens to existing NSC on going for 5 years?

So the interest rate at which NSC was issued will be fixed throughout the tenure. The interest rate change every quarter will not impact the existing NSC certificates. Only the new certificates issued will have the updated interest rate applicable.

So if you had taken NSC at 7% in January 2023, you will earn interest based on 7% only for next 5 years (up to Jan 2028), even when the interest rate increases to 7.7% in July 2023.

You need to issue fresh NSC certificates to get the latest NSC interest rate applicable.

Is NSC better than FD?

Whether NSC (National Saving Certificates) is better than FD (fixed deposits) depends on your goal.

For your goals of below 5 years tenure, FD is better since it will help you to achieve goal within 5 years and NSC lock in period is 5 years minimum.

For goals of 5 years, you can always compare the NSC interest with FD interest using the FD calculator.

Note that FD gives us quarterly compounding compared to NSC which gives yearly compounding. This factor can help us gain more interest in FD provided the interest rates in both schemes are same.

For 5 years tenure, NSC interest rate is 7.7% and fixed deposit interest rate is 7.5% in post office. On Rs. 1 lakh of investment, we get Rs. 44,995 as total interest in FD and Rs. 44,903 as total interest in NSC.

Clearly FD interest is slightly more here if that is the factor you are looking for, but again, it all depends on your goals to choose between NSC and FD.

What is the maturity value of 1 lakh in NSC?

As seen above, on Rs. 1 lakh on investment in NSC, total interest amount is Rs. 44,903 and total maturity amount will be Rs. 1,44,903.

The deposits here would have helped you to save income tax during the financial year when NSC certificate was issued. However, the total interest earned will be taxable after 5 years based on your tax slab rates in old or new regime.

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NSC Calculator for Post Office 2024

The above NSC calculator is also applicable for Post office saving scheme in 2024. This NSC calculator will help you to know your NSC interest calculation for the period of 5 years with given interest rate.


While NSC (National Saving Certificate) is one of the popular saving scheme in post office, still it is not being used effectively by Indians due to the handling of physical certificates and the ease of investing in other saving schemes such as PPF, FD, etc.

These are the reasons that NSC interest rates have been increased to 7.7% for April to June 2024 quarter so that more people get interested in investing in this post office scheme.

NSC helps you to save income tax with maximum deduction of Rs. 1.5 lakh in section 80C, when you choose old tax regime to calculate income tax. However, the interest earned after 5 years is taxable in NSC.

Overall, NSC is a good saving scheme option to get fixed income after a set period of time.

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